Your device will become a barcode scanner.

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Expensive scanners are no longer required. Easy to learn the use because new scanner is your own device.

Only your device

All you need is only your smartphone or tablet you have. That's it. No need to buy expensive barcode scanners in the future.


You can synchronize product data of your device with the master data by our cloud servie easily and simplely. The data is updated through the internet.


The app is absolutely free. Besides, it should contribute to increase profit margins because you do not purchase high-priced scanner.

 Cloud Service

Our cloud service provides more useful experiences to order as follows.

 Each device can update product data of your smartphone/tablet to the latest version.
 CSV file is available to update master data.
 You can print out ordering data online.

Master data

Easy-to-Use Design

A dedicated ID and password allow you to sync.
Scan histories

Scan histories provide print out of purchase orders.

You can backup your precious data.

SQAN supports English and Japanese as of now.
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